1 dead in north Austin fire, officials say

Life As An Empath or Highly Sensitive Person?

Have you been labelled an Empath or Highly Sensitive? Your sensitive nature can be the link to personal fulfillment and the reconnection back to the authentic self.

Run The Winners And Cut The Losers Like Smart Traders

Trading requires that your winning trades are allowed to take what the market gives. Losing trades should be stopped before you damage your trading account.

Parenting Tips – Building Your Child Self Esteem

Knowing how powerful the impact of self esteem can be in the life of an individual, it becomes important to start building it in from childhood. A lot many times, parents assume that their kids will build this quality up by themselves, but such an assumption can be fatal and unrealistic taking into account that many people suffer from low esteem naturally, from their own uninformed parents too. The time to start that equipping is now.

The Employment-Labor Law Audit (ELLA)

The Employment-Labor Law Audit (ELLA) is the nation’s leading HR auditing and employment practices liability risk assessment tool. Currently, in the tenth edition, ELLA provides management with an enhanced method of assessing their organizations’ strategic, tactual, and operational human resources management issues. ELLA is widely recognized as the leading risk assessment management tool and has been used by national and international business, EPLI and insurance carriers, non-profits, and independent consultants.

Why Can You Have A Chainsaw Sharpener?

Being a professional woodcutter, you have to use a chainsaw on a daily basis. A chainsaw is a machine to cut the wood with its set of teeth fastened with the rotating chain. Owning a chainsaw is not a waste of money. It has multiple versatilities in use. You can use it for chopping, removing branches from the trees, cutting the trees into logs, detaching certain parts of trees.

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