1 killed in east Austin shooting

Critical Thinking: Is The Alternative Media Just As Bad As The Mainstream Media?

For quite some time now, there has been another news source for people to pay attention to, and this source is often called the alternative media. Unlike the mainstream media, this source generally disseminates their news online.

America’s Shoe Problem and Leadership

Since its founding, America is and has always been a country that is obsessed with slotting people into specific categories. These categories, most notably race, were often created and emphasized to exclude people from enjoying certain privileges if they did not fall into the “white” category. Whether it’s through your race, gender or sexuality everyone is still categorized in one way or another. This strange sorting habit has created deep seeded social issues that can only be resolved through leadership.

Fall From Grace

I raised on a farm just outside a remote village nestled like a shirt button in a valley on the Canadian Shield. Most of the wage-earners in this Northern Ontario community worked at nearby nickel mines. My childhood was relatively normal until one autumn afternoon when I was twelve. Forty-five years later, the horror I witnessed that day still haunts me. My mother, who turns ninety this year, likely has no recollection of the event. Nor would she be aware of the psychological trauma she inflicted on me. My perception of my sweet, loving maman was crushed, never to be the same.

Parents: 4 Apps That May Keep A Child Safe Online

This post will discuss 4 apps that could help every parent keep their kids safe online from the dangers of society. Some of these the dangers range from sexting, cyberbullying, harassment and other dangerous behaviors.

What Is Design Thinking And Why Is It So Important?

Deign thinking is not a new entrant in the long list of buzzwords that is either being used loosely by newbies or discussed fervently amongst design purists these days. Nor it’s the property of designers. As a matter of fact, it has long been practiced by stalwarts of music, literature, science, engineering and business. Design thinking is a problem solving, iterative process. It can not only be adopted by designers, but by anyone with a penchant for solving problems. At its heart is the intention to improve products by scrutinizing how users interact with them in different environments. It offers stakeholders the means for digging deeper for ways of enhancing user experience.

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