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The Purpose Of A Real Estate Agent: SERVICE

Why do the vast majority of those, either buying or selling a home, opt to hire, a real estate agent, to represent them? Obviously, most sellers seek to receive the highest, possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, with the least hassle and stress. While one can decide, either to hire an agent, or to, attempt to do it himself, a principle, often – overlooked, important reason, to use a professional, is, hiring someone, who will, figuratively, hold your hand, from the initial signing of the listing, to closing, and provide you with an amazing, extraordinary, level of…

5 Useful Tips for a Desert Safari

The vast lands of a desert can make a perfect tourist destination for a fun and action packed desert safari. They involve plenty of sports and adventure activities, such as dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking and sand boarding.

Why Leaders Must Have MORALITY

Shouldn’t constituents be entitled to, at least the expectation, they deserve and need, a significant degree of true MORALITY, from those, who serve and represent them, as a leader? Doesn’t our behavior, both when others are looking, as well as when you believe no one is, be one, which represents your allegiance to, and adherence to the highest ethical and moral standards, and a dedication to absolute integrity? While, indeed, this is desirable, for all of us, it should be a necessity for those, who opt to be leaders.

Is There A CLEAR And Present Danger?

Since, nearly everything, our national leader, does, or fails to do, as well as the level of attention, focus, decisiveness, and empathy, employed by those elected to represent us, has potential ramifications, the nation, faces challenges and obstacles, which must be addressed, in a well – considered, timely manner. Indeed, unaware, unprepared, self – serving, unfocused leadership, has the potential, to create undesirable, longer – term effects. However, there is a need, to put things, into perspective, in order to differentiate, between, mere political differences of opinion, versus, those, presenting, the possibility of a CLEAR and present danger.

Are Piles of Paper Threatening to Bury You? This Helps

Finding time to deal with clutter is a challenge we all face. And paper clutter, for many, presents its own unique challenges. Indeed. “How do I deal with all the paper?” is a perennial question for lots and lots of folks. The good news? Help is on the way!.

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