2 dead following separate shootings in downtown and East Austin | FOX 7 Austin

Drinking Tea While Eating to Lose Weight

This is a recommendation to cut cost on slimming pills or laxatives in losing weight. This will tackle a simple act, which will bring about health benefits, too.

How Digital/Online Marketing Can Boost Your Career Within 6-8 Months – Find Out Now

83% of the world have shifted to digital marketing. In this article find how how you can accelerate your business right at the start using digital marketing. This article is a brief intro on what digital marketing is and to get right mindset before digging deep into the verticals of digital/online marketing like SEO, social media marketing, AdWords, content writing, search engine marketing and more.

Pracical Tips to Improve Your Time Management

Do you find yourself seemingly keeping very busy, but not achieving a great deal? Follow these practical tips to avoid time wasting and learn where you can improve your time management and make youself more efficient.

Are You Suffering From Sheer Depression? Know Its Early Signs

Depression – a common phenomenon which is even more commonly overlooked by the normal people. It is a form of a disease which kills a person slowly and eats them up full-fledged. We should never overlook any sign of depression irrespective of how big or small it is. In this article, we target to discuss such symptoms of depression which would help us distinguish between the affected ones and the normal people so that we can save them time from any greater hazard that can take place if they are not taken care of properly.

3 Psychological Blocks Holding You Back and How To Overcome Them

A lot of people are yet to achieve their dreams and goals. When you talk to them, they give a lot of reasons as to why they are yet to attain their true potential.

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