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Remedies Against Police Harassment

Police is a vital and prominent part of the justice administration system which is accountable for the protection of people and property in addition to investigation of the crimes and helping put the perpetrators behind bars. In our day to day life, if we are observant enough we see the police committing certain legit actions but on the other hand there are a few actions of the police that raise eyebrows and we are left wondering whether they are acting within the ambit of law or not, however most of the times we never care to find out…

Silence The Enemy Within Is Injustice, Poverty, and the Silence of Many

Silence. If I said nothing else, we all know the word silence has been used by generations to inflict power, subjugation, pain, submission, and tears. It has seared through the darkest recesses of our minds, where our deepest secrets lie; the ones we have dragged through the muck and mire of adulthood and have labeled them names of rejection, unworthiness, and unloved. Why do we continue to lick our tattered wounds, and guard them like a injured pet, whose eyes are begging for sympathy?

Eliminating the Bias in the Recruitment Industry

Bias in recruitment industry are the hurdles towards implementing transparency and fairness in the industry. It’s of utmost priority to remove such bias in order to make talent as a basic and vital filter while recruiting.

What to Do After LTCG?

The equity market has become more volatile since the announcement of long-term capital gain (LTCG) in budget 2018. The basic reason may not be the imposition of LTCG, but the global volatility which increased in the last fortnight and has contributed to heightened volatility in the Indian market. Such volatility has caused much anxiety among investors and they are not sure what to do with their investments that will help them maximize their gains and minimize the tax burden.

5 Trends to Get Killer Logo Design in 2018

The design shows the era of logo either when did it got designed. Keeping it sleek, modern or updated indicates how well-presented is your business or brand identity. Therefore, to acquire most relatable concept that defines your business persona and standard professionally, opt for professional Logo Design Company that keeps the experienced staff and sources to provide latest pattern designs fits your needs and demands

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