7-vehicles, 18-wheeler collision reported in Manor

Innovative and Fun Ideas for Pool Lighting

Back in the good old days, the most extensive pool lighting setup was the bulb in the deep end of the pool. Other than that no other light or landscaping was seen as necessary. But times have changed.

Nigeria: We Can’t Breathe

Nigerian rulers are indeed very special. When other leaders and countries are giving out palliatives to their citizens and bailouts to their production and service sectors to cushion the effects of the current pandemic, our rulers (not leaders) are here inventing more harsh policies to perpetually enslave and over-burden us. The government has just increased the pump price of fuel and electricity tariffs. I mean in the midst of this overwhelming struggle by the citizens caused by their poor economic performance and complicated by the Chinese virus crisis. Yes, things were really difficult here even before the pandemic.

Best Video Settings for the Canon EOS 4000D Rebel T100 DSLR Camera to Shoot Movies

The Canon EOS 4000D or Rebel T100 is an excellent camera for shooting both stills and movies. In this article I’m going to give you the best settings for this camera to shoot movies.

What Makes Good Online Content?

Most online business owners don’t really understand the power in providing value to their visitors, so they miss out. But providing high value through the various types of content you offer can increase your profits and customer loyalty.

COVID-19 Vaccine Only Hope As Practiced Treatments Fail To Show Results?

Even after almost a year of its worldwide invasion the SARS-Cov-2 virus called COVID-19 continues to enjoy an edge over humankind which is not surprising considering the unprecedented crisis brought in by a virus hardly known to anybody, its rather selective approach in terms of mildness or severity baffling all medical scientists and doctors..

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