AISD superintendent the lone finalist for job in Dallas

5 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating on You

Could your husband be having an affair? Once you start having doubts, it is hard to not see clues everywhere you look. In this article I will talk about 5 specific signs you might look for to learn the truth.

A Vaser Lipo Procedure Can Help Remove Unwanted Fat From Your Double Chin

Lots of men and women struggle with excess fat in the area under the chin, which is commonly called a double chin. The fat under the chin can seem difficult to lose just through dieting and exercise, and the condition is often hereditary, making it very hard to get rid of. If a double chin is affecting your self-confidence, you may want to have a cosmetic fat removal treatment.

Take Your Dreams Seriously

You have to be willing to take your dreams seriously because the world would come to a stop if there were no one with new ideas, thought or imagination. It definitely takes a daring and tenacious effort to be on a journey to pursue something beyond your current reality. But if you do not, who will?

This Technique Actually Heals Trauma

Around the middle of last year, there was a day when I felt like trying yoga again, and this was partly due to the fact that I felt lighter. What also gave me a boost was that I had just spent the afternoon with a friend.

The Gospel Opportunity in Apology

Many people despise the thought of genuine, heartfelt apology, unless it is something they require from another person who has transgressed them. Then it’s fundamental to moving forward relationally.

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