AISD superintendent ‘will not hesitate to close classrooms or a school’ if COVID-19 cases surge

The 5 Protected Freedoms, And Why They Matter!

Our Founding Fathers, felt, so strongly, certain rights, and freedoms, were essential, and must be protected, they identified 5 of these, and included them, as part of the First Amendment. Amazingly, it appears, few people, realize, and recognize, all of these, and, recently, during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s meetings, supposedly, to consider the qualification of President Trump’s latest candidate, for a life – appointment, to the Supreme Court, one of the Republican Senators asked her (seemingly, in an attempt, to throw her, a, softball), for these protected freedoms, and, although, she has taught law, and serves, presently, on the United States…

Pay Attention!: Don’t Be FOOLED Again!

Does it ever seem, to you, although the candidates may change, the campaign tactics and techniques, often, remain the same? Does the 2020 campaign of Donald Trump, appear, to be, a carbon – copy, of his 2016 playbook? Although, Hillary Clinton, is not this year’s opponent, and Barack Obama, hasn’t been President, in about four years, the current occupant of the White House, continues his rhetorical – exercise, of blaming, complaining, denials, and lies/ falsehoods!

Importance of Credit and Financial Services for an Individual and Business

Just like money, the importance of credit and financial services cannot be ignored. We know that money is like the backbone of any economy. Plus, the functionality of an economy is dependent on the financial system of the state.

Self-Worth: Can Childhood Trauma Stop Someone From Developing Self-Worth?

If someone was to take a step back and to reflect on when they feel good about themselves and when they don’t, they may notice a pattern. What they may start to see is that when they receive positive feedback from others, and shortly after this has taken place, they feel good.

6 Benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma lucidum, aka reishi mushroom, is a type of fungus that can be found in hot and humid parts of Asia. For many decades, it has been used as a medicine. The molecules found in the mushroom offer a lot of health benefits.

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