Almost 2M Texans affected by Texas Department of Insurance data breach

Examine The Leader’s VALUES

Today, perhaps more than ever before, we truly need leaders. who possess the highest personal VALUES, and combines that with a well – developed, commitment, to provide valuable leadership, to his organization, and stakeholders. Far too often, we end up (often, after the fact), an individual, who appears to be well – qualified, ready, willing, and able, to make a difference, for the better, lacks the necessary, quality of character, which differentiates a true leader, from a pseudo – leader!

Actions Often Based On How Leaders PERCEIVE

One of the strongest stimulants of most individual’s behavior is their personal perceptions! The adage, Whatever the mind of man, can perceive and conceive, he can achieve, is true, in any field of endeavor, but, perhaps, even more essential, and relevant, when it comes to whether someone, might proceed, as a quality, relevant, effective leader. We should evaluate, and consider, the quality of one’s leadership, not based on his rhetoric, promises, or how well he articulates some message, but, rather, on their actions!

7 Tips For Productivity

We are all busy in this day and age and always looking for better ways to utilize our time and have more productivity. With the seven suggestions that we have provided, it is easier to make a few small changes and make the best use of our time. Practicing new habits takes commitment so by incorporating one or two of these ideas at a time, it is easier.

A Nutrition Point That’s Still Not Clear

An infographic on the six human hungers offered some information that I found confusing and critiqued last year. The creator of the infographic recently responded to my article. One point about hunger could still use some clarification, and this article explores that point.

Citrus Enhancers of Green Tea Antioxidants

More flavor and more benefits – A study has found that citrus juices enhance the permanence in the body, after digestion, of a greater part of the unique antioxidants of green tea. Find out how they can do it in this article..

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