Analysis: Austin named hottest job market in America

Church Youth Leadership – Learn From Jesus (12 Tips)

Youth leaders need to be effective inside as well as outside of the church. Therefore, this article proposes learning leadership lessons from Jesus. Twelve tips are presented.

How Do Employment Practices Apply to Volunteers?

In this article we discuss nonprofit employment practices liability and volunteer liability in the context of hiring processes and employment status. Understanding volunteer status and its effects on EPLI can alter nonprofit hiring practices and liability coverages.

Being Successful In Life Today With A Millionaire’s Mindset Means Reprogramming The Subconscious

Those who are wealthy have exactly what lots of refer to as a millionaire mind. This millionaire mindset is a different way of believing that separates those who are effective from everyone else. When it comes to the millionaire mindset continually reprogramming the subconscious is the most powerful approach for wealth creation and how to attract money. It frequently takes over for the conscious mind. This permits people to attain success instead of blocking or obscuring the inner Light of the subconscious mind, and rather listening to the wrong-minded ego-based chatter which is afraid of success.

She Just Wants to Be Heard

It happens so frequently when I do couples counselling. It’s what I do often say, whether directly or indirectly. It’s directed to him. It’s the temptation to say, ‘She just wants to be heard.’ And every now and then I hear myself want to say it to her, too, ‘He just wants to be heard.’ The truth is we all want to be heard, and if we can’t do the hearing we have no right to be heard.

What Happens When Leadership Does Not Create a Corporate Culture?

For decades, executives have chanted, “it is difficult to change corporate culture.” As a result, some companies have an ambiguous culture. In other cases, it emerges on it’s own. This article extracts challenges from real life examples about what can happen when leaders do not intentionally create a corporate culture.

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