APD: Man arrested in connection to two separate Austin shootings

Never Try to Fulfil Ministry Without the Anointing and Equipping of the Holy Spirit – Never!

Jesus, in his grace, gives the confirmation to those whom He has called and chosen. We can be called and chosen but it may be sometime before we are commissioned. The disciples having been called and chosen by Jesus had to wait until Pentecost when they were anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit – and that is when they were commissioned for the task of ministry. Never try to fulfil ministry with the equipping and anointing of the Holy Spirit. If God is sending you, then God is obviously confident that you are the person to get the job done.

To Be Genuinely Inspired We Need the Love, Strength and Power of Almighty God

Samson is a byword for being strong, but his strength lay not in his muscular attributes. He was no ‘Charles Atlas’. He uprooted city gates, killed a lion with his bare hands, and broke ropes that bound him, but he was not very strong on the inside. Samson was very different from Gideon, being raised in a godly home, and prepared for a life of significance and purpose, yet, he shows us how not to let our strength become our weakness. Strong people develop strong motives, good and bad. Who do we need to look to for strength and support, and who do we need to strengthen? A word of encouragement can be the greatest way of strengthening those around us.

8 Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep and sleep-related habits are frequently scrutinised in the media, with statistics highlighting how important quality sleep is and how few of us seem to be getting it. Sleep-related issues cost UK businesses billions of pounds each year or tens of thousands of days’ lost productivity, due to absenteeism, accidents and poor performance. Here are some ways to plan for a good night’s sleep;

Jesus Did Not Come As an Angel – Jesus Came As a Man to Rescue Man From His Sin and Sins

Can you believe that God has the right word for you in your situation and circumstances? God the Father sent Jesus Christ into the world, at Bethlehem, through that young virgin called Mary. Jesus did not come as an angel, or an apparition, or a concept. Jesus came as a man to save and rescue mankind from his sins, and the consequences of sin. The life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ has happened, and because Jesus is alive, He can be with us in our problems, pains, brokenness and despair. Jesus came that we may have life, real life, and have life in all its fullness and abundance.

Type 2 Diabetes – Being Kind To Yourself Has Health Benefits

Kindness is an admirable trait easily recognizable the first time you meet someone. Often we are distracted making sure we are kind to others and we forget to be kind to ourselves. Being kind to yourself is a great emotional place to be and can help break any stressful situation, including binge eating or the stress-eating connection.

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