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Why Quality Real Estate Representation Is An ART

Since there are, in most areas of this country, a large number of licensed real estate agents, it’s easy to understand, why it might be challenging for most clients, whether homeowners, hoping to sell, or qualified buyers, looking for a home, of their own, to differentiate, and distinguish, and determine, which individual, might best serve their specific needs. It is wise, for, both, buyers and sellers, to carefully interview potential agents, and learn, who they feel most comfortable with, and will be willing to follow the suggestions and advice, offered. Real estate representation is, both, an ART, as well as,…

A Nation’s Politics And It’s People Are Not The Same

Just as, the atrocities of the Nazis, during World War 2, should not be blamed on all German people, and the extreme terrorism of a small number of Muslims, is not an indictment of all, practicing the religion of Islam, it is important to differentiate between a national political system, or any specific national leader, and most of the citizens of that country. One of the reasons, I enjoy traveling, is getting the experience and opportunity to speak to people from around the world, and discover their perceptions, objectives, priorities, and views, in order to overcome any preconceived notions and/…

How Leaders DEVELOP Quality Plans

After more than four decades, of involvement, in nearly, every aspect of leadership, from identity, qualifying, training, developing, and consulting to, over a thousand actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to serving, as a leader, in a variety of organizations, and positions, I have come to, strongly, believe, the single, most essential component, needed, to become a true leader, is mastering the art, and science, of leadership planning. It is essential, for leaders, to be prepared, and to, not merely, have an idea, but, to DEVELOP, and implement, the best possible, well – considered action and strategic plan, for a specific…

How Does the 2018 Federal Budget Affect You and Your Family?

If you sat down at 7:30 last night to watch the 2018 Federal Budget Announcement, you may have found yourself a little overwhelmed. With so many figures and areas of taxation to get your head around, we have sat down, dissected and summarised the answers to the question you may be asking – “What’s in it for me (and my family)?

Keeping Political Promises: Perpective And Analysis

The reality of politics, is rhetoric and verbiage, often muddies the waters. Whether, we analyze, what a particular politician means, when he speaks about change, or how one interprets, keeping one’s word, and/ or promises, there is little guarantee, the result, will be a positive one. Only when a leader places policy, the common good, and fully considers potential ramifications, are changes, positively meaningful, and are promises fulfilled, in the overall, best interests.

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