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Does The Prevalence Of The Entitlement Mentality Show How Out Of Balance The West Has Become?

The mainstream media routinely covers stories that go into how someone believes that they should receive something without having to work for it. Yet, if it doesn’t relate to one person, it will relate to a group of people.

What Do You Seek, From Your Housing?

Have you ever, considered, what attracts someone, to live somewhere, and, why individuals, enjoy specific housing, while others, seem, to have far different objectives, etc? Why would you like, to live somewhere, and why would you be happy, and satisfied, in some, specific circumstance? Although, some have far different tastes, needs, priorities, etc, each person, should, take the time, and seriously consider, and examine, where he might be happy, satisfied, etc, and will meet his needs, and requirements!

Are You Prepared, To PLAN, To Lead?

For over four decades, I have been involved, in nearly every aspect of leadership, from identifying, qualifying, and training, to developing and personally, serving, as a leader. I have come, to strongly believe, the essential difference, between those, who become effective leaders, and the rest – of – the – pack, is their focus, attitude, and willingness, to learn, and use, the essentials needed, to PLAN, to lead! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is important, and necessary, and until/ unless, it becomes the core focus…

Why Democrats Keep Losing Elections?

Although, nationally, more people/ voters identify themselves as either Democrats, or Independents, than Republicans, our national government is controlled, at the Executive, as well as both houses of Congress, by Republicans. Both, in the Presidential elections, of 2000, and 2016, although the Democratic candidate for President, received more of the popular vote, the Republican was elected, because of the Electoral college. Have you ever wondered, why the present, man holding that office, according to nearly every poll, has a very high, unpopular/ unfavorable rating, his core constituency/ followers, continue to strongly favor him, by an overwhelming majority, regardless of any…

Vulnerability: Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Have A Fear Of Being Vulnerable?

It could be said that in order for someone to grow and to develop, they will need to feel comfortable with being vulnerable. The reason for this is that if someone has the need to protect themselves, they are not going to open themselves up to life.

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