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Why We Need Far, SANER Leaders?

Today, perhaps, more than, at any time, in recent memory, this nation, and much, of the rest of the world, would benefit, by having, far, SANER leadership! Instead of, focusing on President Trump’s, apparently, favorite, slogan, which is, Make America Great Again, the real need, to emphasize, making it saner, and more focused, on relevant, sustainable paths, of actions, which best align, with what is greatest, about this nation! How can we expect, a less – divided, nation, when the present occupant of the White House, often, appears, less, of a diplomat, and/ or, statesman, and more, like a spoiled – brat,…

It’s OK To Have Opinions, But Not Your Own VERSION Of Facts!

Although, each of us, is entitled to our own personal opinions, and this right, should, and must be, protected, it doesn’t give us the right, to present these, as facts! When this President’s Senior Adviser, attempted to spin events, she proclaimed, Trump doesn’t lie, but simply, introduces, Alternative Facts! Why do some people, seem to believe, they are entitled to, their personal VERSION of these?

Does He Seek A CIVIL War?

Some may believe, the Trump Presidency, is, merely, a form of political circus, and, will go away, sooner, or later! Others find his combination of empty promises, rhetoric/ vitriol, making unsubstantiated claims which contradict scientists and experts, and other behaviors, and actions, to be, a clear and present danger, to the health, and well – being of our citizens, and to America’s standing, in the world! Few recall, any previous time, in recent memory, when there was so much polarization, and the degree of partisan differences, in terms of nearly, every significant aspect, of our lives!

Divorce Recovery and the 3 Stages of Transition: The Key to Preventing More Trips to Divorce Court

This article answers the question, “What are the primary barriers to a successful recovery from divorce?” Whether life after divorce is satisfying and rewarding or painful and debilitating depends on how you handle three major challenges to your making the transition from being married to being single again. Your success at eliminating these potential roadblocks requires you to dissolve your resistance to making the required changes that are imposed on your life by your divorce. What are these challenges and how do they threaten your recovery? How can meeting these challenges decrease the chances of another divorce?

Best Ways to Sell Your House During COVID-19

Selling a home has become even more stressful and difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even though selling your home during COVID-19 can be tricky, it isn’t impossible. With a little-know how, you will be able to sell your home quickly. Selling a house during COVID-19 may sound tough initially, but it is not that difficult to do.

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