April declared as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

Five Confidential Reasons Why the Middle East Crisis Will Spread to Africa

The Middle East is in disputes for decades. However, now it may well become a part of a far more extensive problem that will influence the entire East Africa region, which may become a playground for power plays between the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and China. “A crisis in the Gulf is playing out in dramatic form in Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa.

3 Reasons Why You Need Great Writing

Up to 80% of your customers search online for products and services before making a purchase decision. There was a 20% increase in this last year alone. 60% of people begin looking for your product or service with an online search engine like Google and Bing. Googles’ own reporting showed that people have completed 60% of their thought process before they’re ready to talk to anyone about purchasing. It is this portion of the thought process (during their research phase) where your content needs to address their needs, questions, and pain.

Agra Day Tour – The Journey Begins

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Life is good – Pack yourself up and get going. Time travels at its own speed, all we have to do is to make sure that we do the same. It’s always good to experience the change – come! Spend some quality time in the city Agra, make memories for life so that whenever you feel like you can change or skip to any page of your choice.

Tips on Time Management for Collegiate Student-Athletes

Being a collegiate student-athlete is a stressful role to play. Balancing classes, practice, workouts, games and a social life really takes a toll on a young adult, physically and mentally. Schedules can be as demanding as 6 am workouts, and then class all day, and then a three to four hour practice, and then more class until 9pm and that’s not taking into consideration the outside work needed to maintain good grades and perform at their sport. With such strict, demanding schedules, here are some useful tips on time management for student athletes:

You Can’t Miss These 7 Beaches in Cyprus

Of all the beaches in all the cities across the world, you should swim in Cyprus’. Fly to this beautiful Mediterranean island and enjoy the pleasures of the rejuvenating sun, sizzling sand and an invigorating swim in an azure sea.

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