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The Nostalgia and Its Impact

Some words or sentences are associated pleasantly or melancholy with individuals reminding their attachment to events and people. Nostalgia is associated with a yearning for the past; Its personalities, and events, especially the “good old days” or a “warm childhood.” The past events’ profoundness attached to an individual’s life reverberate subconsciously invigorating his soul to reflect upon the events. What has transpired or conspired between sub-conscious and conscious state of mind is interesting to prod. I am interested in exploring its scientific, psychological and deceptive aspect rather than political tool and medical condition.

Momentum: A Secret Weapon to Destroy Your Fear

I had such a good time delivering my motivational message to both the Denver and Minnesota Investor Success Summits in the fall, that I wanted to write a series of articles on what was discussed. The goal of the presentation was to help motivate and inspire investors to take action and achieve success. Based on the feedback I received, that goal was accomplished.

The Power of Unscheduling Your Calendar: Giving Priority to Typically Unstructured Activities

There is a practice that I have been using for years when it comes to my schedule and how I allocate my time. It is a habit I started doing years ago because I am very calendar-focused. I pretty much put everything on my calendar.

What Are Penny Stocks And How Can They As A Fun Hobby Help Get The Life You Want?

Basically, penny stocks to get the life you want are these little cent equities, if you will, I mean all penny stocks picks for fun, and to enjoy are those that are not traded on the major stock markets. The cent market, meaning penny stocks to get the life you want, could be unstable compared to a lot of the remainder however for superb factor and well reasoning.

Top Tips for Video Marketing

Video marketing is going beyond just a fad that some people do and is quickly becoming an essential aspect of digital marketing strategies. Since more businesses are using video, the expectation of quality, and the need to create a piece that will capture the attention of viewers, for the right reasons, is more important than ever before.

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