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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work As An Online Business?

Affiliate marketing is right for just about everybody. You don’t even need sales experience to become a great affiliate. Your job isn’t to sell the customer, but to connect them to the solution that they’re seeking.

Stop Keeping Your Business a Secret

Demonstrate your value and get on the radar of potential clients. Your business shouldn’t be a secret. It’s time to STOP hiding! If you don’t let people know your exist, who will?

Water Treatment Fundamentals

Improving the quality of water involves disinfection plus purification of untreated surface and ground water. Community Level A public/private water treatment facility aims to make water safe to drink and pleasant to taste, while also making sure that there is enough water to supply the needs of the community. Raw, untreated water comes from an underground aquifer (via wells) or surface water sources like a river or lake.

21St Century Roulette – A New Way to Play, the Digital Way

The genesis of Roulette is a mystery but historians are giving the French credit for its invention in Paris around 1796. Roulette is also the French term for Small Wheel. The basics have not changed on this table game in over 200 years. Today players are still betting on their favorite number(s), combinations and colors in casinos worldwide. If the little ball lands in the right pocket, they win. If not, they lose.

What Is Leadership?

While great leadership can be a driving force for a company’s success, it can also be elusive. Not only is it difficult to define. It is not always easy to know if you are doing it well. This article takes a counterintuitive look at how to know your own leadership abilities. It also looks at ways to recognize it in others.

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