Austin couple charged $3,973 after COVID-19 tests

Are You Holding Your Happiness Hostage During the Pandemic?

Life has changed during the pandemic, but holding your happiness hostage is not the answer. This story offers tips on how to refocus your thoughts to enjoy a happier mindset.

And a Cricket Legend Goes: Dean Mervyn Jones Dies in Mumbai!

The death of Dean Jones is a great tragedy to befall world cricket, and a terrible shocker for all cricketers, commentators and lovers of the game…

Go Green With Environmentally Friendly Eco Toilets

Eco toilets help reduce germs, and convert waste into an alternate fuel. Little or no water is used in this process, depending on the type of toilet. And the good part is that by installing an eco toilet, you are helping to lead this country in the right environmental direction.

October 2020: New Facebook Content Standards

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often miss the mark when it comes to what customers want in a website. By truly listening to your audience with an empathetic ear, you can create a connection with your eCommerce site and products or services that will keep your customers coming back. Here are three great ways to make your eCommerce site about your customers, not about you.

Exercise Tracking Devices: A Lifelong Exerciser Gives One a Try and Comes Away Impressed

Have you ever worn a watch in order to track the details of your movements by the day, week or month? I recently experimented with one and found it interesting, motivating and instructive. Being an active triathlete and lifelong exercise buff, this came as a pleasant surprise.

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