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Timing Counts In A Relationship

Human beings are social animals. Most of us crave the comfort and warmth of sharing life experiences and love with others. Most of us crave the intimacy of a love relationship, with shared hopes, dreams, and adventures of life.

To Get Love, Give Love To Yourself

To get love from others, especially from that special someone who could be your long-term romantic love relationship, we need to love ourselves. Unconditionally. That means accepting ourselves as just who we are, right now, not when we improve more. And it means pursuing things in our lives that please us. When we learn to love ourselves, for who we are and for what we want in life, we make room for others to be attracted to us and to give us love. That’s what we want, is it not? Let’s learn how to get love together.

Does Breaking Up HAVE to Be Hard to Do? Can It Be Done Well?

Many relationships end in a break up. Finding the right person at the right time is not easy. Is it possible to break up well, so that you don’t cause pain and hurt to yourself or your ex? Can you possibly remain friends? Read some tips here.

3 Stages to Give Yourself a Chance for Love

Too many of us start out wanting the fairy tale ending “happily ever after” before we are ready for commitment. This time, find love. Take the 3 stages to get there. Stop the heartbreak from unrealistic expectations.

Know How Estate Agents Value Properties For Sale

While selling a property, every seller desires to get the right price. But, how do estate agents value a property? Read on to learn the vital considerations.

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