Austin Gamblers city’s newest pro sports team

The Keys To SMART Leadership

In my, over four decades, of identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and service, in a number of capacities, as a leader, I have often been asked, what makes someone a true leader, rather than merely a pseudo – leader. It often appears, those, asking, seek some magic elixir, or secret formula, so to proceed, forward, more easily, using some shortcuts. Quality leadership is not, a, one – size – fits – all, activity, but, rather, only occurs, when, there is some, perfect storm, or combination of skills, mindset, attitude, judgment, experience, and expertise, which creates a special type of relevant judgment,…

Lessons From The Baltic

All too often, we, Americans, proceed through life, in a rather, tainted manner, taking things like freedoms, liberties, and relative safety, for granted. Traveling throughout the Baltic region, including Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia, and Russia, one, immediately, recognizes, many things are far different, outside of the United States. Savvy travelers attempt to take in, as much as possible, observe, converse with natives, etc, in order to get a better idea, of both, the similarities, as well as differences, goals, priorities, perceptions, and perspectives.

Are You Struggling to Manage Your Existing Family Home As You Age?

For large numbers of people approaching or at retirement age, their existing home can start to become something of a liability. As we age, for many of us our home is a source of continuity and emotional attachment.

Negotiation – How Do You Know When To Trust The Truth – Negotiation Tip of the Week

“You don’t know what the truth looks like, even though I’ve recited it numerous times to you through my ever-changing story.” What does the truth feel like, sound like, look like, when you feel it, hear it, see it?

Find Your Spirit Before Finding Your Tribe

Knowing your spirit can help you authentically find your tribe. Your tribe are people you resonate with and your spirit can assist you in feeling this resonance.

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