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I Am The Resurrection And The Life

Do you know Jesus Christ as ‘The Resurrection and The Life?’ What you believe the Lord to be is what is manifested in your life. The names of Jesus explain what He can do. This article encourages you to exercise your faith in the Lord as the Resurrection and the Life.

5 Reasons To Own Versus 5 To Rent

At one point, or another, most people face the essential decision, of considering, whether, they should, own a home, of their own, or whether, they would be better off, renting. Many factors, and considerations, are involved, and while this is a rather complex decision, the vast majority, do not pay keen attention, to the relevant components, and considerations, but, often, proceed, in a somewhat, compulsive, emotional manner. Since, for most, their house, represents, their single – largest, financial asset, wouldn’t it make sense, for people, to proceed, with their eyes – wide – open, and ready/ willing, to proceed, in…

5 Ramifications Of Myopic Public Leadership

For a variety of reasons, we continue to witness, public officials, who are either, unwilling, or, not ready, to fully consider the potential ramifications of their actions (or procrastination), and, often, proceed, in a populist – oriented, direction! When we place a band – aid, on a major wound (issue), while it might, create some, perceived, and/ or actual, short – term, benefits, until/ unless, it, is formulated, with the future needs, and sustainability, it has the potential to do, far more, longer – term, harm, than short – term benefit! With that in mind, this article will attempt to…

Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Divisiveness

There is a lot of chatter going around about Plastic Shaman and cultural appropriation. Does the recognition of groups lead to divisiveness? Is religion divisive? Is it wrong to copy things from one culture to another?

Why Babylon Is the Mother of Harlots

Many read it but have no understanding of the meaning of the phrase. It is the only text in the bible that uses capital letters, which we know is a shouting form of correspondence. It is meant as a serious and most important message.

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