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Celebrating the African Woman: A Multi-Functional Human Species

Women are intelligent creatures tasked with the heavenly duty of serving as a complement to men. However, due to their distinctive being, many women have performed excellently and gone beyond the boundaries of their heavenly assigned tasks. Countless women around the globe are multifunctional human species, playing a dual role of manly and womanly duties with exceptional successes.

How A Leader DIRECTS Others

While there are essential, significant differences between the requirements and responsibilities of being a quality leader, as opposed to a manager, true leaders must acquire, understand, and effectively utilize some management skills, in order to be able to proceed forward, in a meaningful, focused manner! The area, where this is, perhaps, most necessary, and should be evident, is, as it pertains to people – skills, also known as, understanding human nature! How can anyone hope, to become an effective leader, unless/ until, he effectively develops the skills and abilities, as well as attitude, and patience, to learn how to, and…

The Courage to Be Weak

This was a recent epiphanic prayer: God, give me both the willingness and ability – the humility – to be weak, especially when I try to be strong. Amen. Then I realised what it would take: courage. Nobody wants to be weak. We all want to show how strong we are. But being willingly weak, admitting we are weak when we are, takes courage, which is real strength.

Why God Won’t Work in Anything But Weakness

The Presence of God is an aberration except when we have nothing left of ourselves to give and have no desire to take anything that isn’t from Him. God won’t work in anything that isn’t weak. Of course, there will be Christians scrambling all over the place in their minds; we don’t like to be weak. We want the victory of Christ. What has victory to do with weakness – what has weakness to do with victory?

Your Most Valuable Relationship

There’s no greater trust than the trust within. Treat yourself like an old friend and your mind will reward you in surprising ways.

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