Austin outlines who might qualify for proposed $1,000 guaranteed income pilot

How To Conquer Pressure Like A Brain Surgeon

Most specialty surgeons (brain surgeons, cardiac surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, etc.) don’t feel nearly the amount of pressure we mere mortals might think they do. Why is that?

How to Control Reactive Hypoglycemia Naturally

Reactive hypoglycemia can be very frustrating. It can ruin your quality of life. However, I’ve been able to control the disorder naturally with just a few lifestyle changes.

Teacher Appreciation Day

As we watch and read in the news about current teacher unrest in some states for funding, we have opinions from different points of view. As a new substitute teacher, I am getting a view from inside the classroom.

Boundless Leadership: Soak in Awe for Growth

What will make the difference in how we experience our day? Our leadership? Our life? Research shows how a specific state of consciousness allows us to perceive and make decisions in a totally different – more powerful way. Here’s how to hone your sense of AWE. #boundlessleadership

Freedom Or Safety: Are Choices, and Options Optimal?

Some politicians articulate a somewhat, frightening message, proclaiming, if you eat safety and security, you must reconsider how we consider liberties and freedoms, we, Americans, take for granted. The late, great, comedian, George Carlin, introduced, in his inimitable style, after the tragedies of September 11, 2001, if we do that, then, the terrorists win, because they will have disrupted our democratic system, and lost, much of what, we have always stood for, and represented. For several reasons, in 2016, we elected to the highest office in our land, someone, articulating a negative message, filled with vitriol, and rhetoric, proclaiming if…

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