Austin Police Department releases racial profiling memo — what we learned

Choosing Your Endless

Infinite, interminable, never-ending; these are words we associate with endless. Some inspire positive emotions while others seem almost foreboding; yet all describe the same word, endless. On reflection, there are few things we actually believe are endless in life. We describe the breadth of emotions in this way when we believe a loving relationship will never be interrupted; it is infinite and we are hopeful and happy. Never-ending is frequently used to describe emotional turmoil or situations that try us beyond endurance with no acceptable solution in sight. We believe there never will be a solution and so endless becomes never-ending. How will endless describe your life?

FAQs On Back Training

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Building A Broader Back How would you define your back training? If you’ve been pushing the weights for a while, you’ve probably discovered that certain bodyparts are rather stubborn.

Is Broccoli Good for Muscle Building?

Q: Why do bodybuilders seem to eat more broccoli than any other vegetables? Are there some special constituents to it which make it a better choice?

18 Ways To Win The Fight For Size

PUNCH UP YOUR MASS When it comes to training, are your gains coming faster than an Ali one-two combo? Or are you getting worked over in the corner like some washed-up pug, folding up under a rain of body blows?

Parents Ask Questions!

Don’t worry about your kid acting like you’re bothering him when you ask him questions. Ask away! And throw in a thought-provoking one, too.

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