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Are You A Leader, Others Should FOLLOW?

The true measure of a leader, is, whether, your actions, plans, rationale, and attitude, is valuable, enough, for your actual and potential constituents, and stakeholders, to FOLLOW. Why should anyone else, believe in, and trust you, to make a viable difference, for the better? How will you motivate and inspire them, and clearly demonstrate, your top priority, is serving and representing them, and their best interests, rather than your personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest?

How To Really, Make America GREAT?

Wouldn’t it be nice, if, all we needed to do, to make a significant change, or difference, which made things substantially better, more relevant and sustainable, was to talk about it, make promises, and use political rhetoric, etc? In my lifetime, I have heard many political slogans, which were designed to be perceived, as a desirable vision, etc. Bill Clinton’s, Man From Hope, Obama’s Change, and Trump’s, Make America Great Again, are a few examples of this behavior.

5 Cast Iron Principles For Rock Solid Results

Here are the best principles for arm training: Overload Principle, Cheating Principle, Forced Reps Principle, Descending Sets Principle, and Rest-Pause Principle. In order to force a muscle to become larger and stronger, you must continually overload it with increasingly heavier weights.

Being Content: How to Not Let Others Affect You

Ever wondered how to be content and happy without letting others affect you? How is it possible? Is it at all possible? This article answers these questions.

How Wrong Is the Bible and Why Should It Be Used As an Authority?

From the first Chapter in it the bible is a greatly polluted and dangerous document. Originally compiled from writings around the East including the prophecies given to the children of Israel it was altered many times. The earliest of the latter dates back to C 600 years Before Caesar (BC).

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