Austin Police give update after man shot dead in southeast Austin

True Leaders Serve Constituents’ Best INTERESTS

While many are either selected, elected, and/ or ascend, to positions of leadership, I have observed, during my over 4 decades of involvement in nearly every aspect of this essential skill – set, few, end – up, being ready, willing and able, to focus on, what’s most needed, and necessary, to become a quality, effective leader. Although there are many necessities, and qualifications needed, which require professional training, little, of consequence, occurs, until/ unless, the emphasis is on the best INTERESTS of the organization, and stakeholders, rather than any personal/ political agenda and/ or self – interest. With that in mind, this…

Pragmatic Idealism: What We Need From Our Public Officials

We have often witnessed, either from the political left, or right, a significant amount of pulling, and attempting to bring policies, either to one pole, or the other. It seems, the Republican Party, was affected, about a decade ago, by the so – called, Tea Party, whose initial appeal, focused on less government, but, once in office, appears to be more, about driving the party, and the overall American system, to the right. The three – term Mayor, of New York City, who is also, one of the ten wealthiest Americans, Michael Bloomberg, often declared, his belief, effective public leadership,…

Wake Up All Who Are Spiritual Because the Wall of Deceit Is Exposed

Over many centuries the blind has led the blind and the deaf have failed to hear. Many have cried in agony for answers and have died unknowing of their connection to the real God, the Great Spirit of the Universe. As the so-called sacred statues and man’s attempts at worship have failed them there has been no way that the truth could be shown.

Lies Built an Impenetrable Religious Wall

Stand before a solid brick wall and try to push it over. It simply does not move. So what is different about the wall of my commission.

Tearing Down the Wall of Churches

Who would have thought that a wall of immense proportions was created by religions to hide the real God? It could not have been further from my mind when the Great Spirit of the Universe commissioned me to tear it down. Its existence was unknown and the strength and size of it unexpected when the order came.

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