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Why America Must Protect All American RIGHTS?

What does our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and, way – of – life, mean, and represent, if we don’t demand, all RIGHTS, are protected, and respected, and, not, merely, those, someone, agrees with, and prefers? One of these protected rights, is the Right to Assemble, which means, protesting, whenever, one feels, there is any degree of injustice, and/ or, inequity! Historians, often, point to, the Boston Tea Party, as one of the most relevant acts, of protesting, in the founding, and independence, of this nation.

Why We Need SANE Leaders?

Although, when Donald Trump, was a candidate, for the highest office in our land, his campaign slogan, was, Make America Great Again, many, feel, he has done, anything, but that! However, to demonstrate, the degree of polarization, within thic nation, at this point – in – time, his core supporters/ political base, seem to believe, in – him, and rarely question anything he says, or does, often, claiming, his claims are the true ones, and anything else, is a hoax, or worse! We should have been concerned, from the onset, because, when that slogan, is one’s central – theme, it…

5 Dangers Of Trump’s Rhetorical Exercises

We may never know, for certain, whether Donald Trump is a pathological liar, changes the narrative (for his advantage), believes his version of reality, or, something else, but, regardless of which reason, there seems to be, a variety of actual and potential dangers, created/ caused, by his rhetoric/ vitriol, and public statements, etc! Never before, in recent memory, have we witnessed, any President, who, consistently, appeared to be involved in another controversy, and/ or scandal. For someone, who campaigned, promising, he would drain – the – swamp, it seems, to many, he may have done so, merely, to make it…

10 Tips to Hire a Demolition Contractor

Are you going to work on a home remodeling project? If so, we suggest that you hire the services of a demolition contractor. This is to make sure that the entire process goes as per your plan.

5 Tips to Consider Before You Hire a Commercial Mover for Your Office Relocation

For any business, moving an office to a new location is a huge step. The reason is that moving an office involves much more than packing a couple of boxes and transporting them to a new place. Therefore, you may want to follow the 5 tips given below if you are going to hire a commercial mover for moving your office.

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