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If Only You Believe – Why It Matters

Human nature may be defined by two groups, those whose focus is on the probabilities in life and those who dare to focus on the possibilities. The possibility group is always focused on what can be possible while the probability group denies the existence of anything they cannot see, touch or test. For many in the latter group extraordinary events, even miracles are often pooh pooed and mocked. Impossible, they say! And for them it may be.

Express Yourself Well and Say How You Feel

So many of us are automatically programmed to do the ‘right thing’ when something is asked of us. Yet agreeing, not saying how we feel or perhaps saying ‘yes’ when we don’t want to, can eventually lead to us feeling used, unappreciated and resentful. Let’s look at why it’s so important to say how you feel – clearly and well.

Getting Stuck in Life

Corb Lund is a western and country singer/songwriter from Alberta. In 2005 he released an album with his song “Truck Got Stuck”. Can’t help it, I just smile every time I hear it.

When It’s Time to Deal With Stressful Conflict

There are times in life when we have no choice but to deal with a serious conflict situation.There may be several reasons why we find ourselves in this situation, so let’s explore some options for handling this stressful time.

Establishing Financial Wellbeing

Credit and debit cards can be deceptive. So many people are upset when the bank and credit card statements arrive, and they have to face reality involving how much they have spent and what they owe. In contrast, if you are paying cash for things, it is easier to understand how you are doing financially than if you use plastic Your financial well-being can be simplified into two parts.

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