Austin Water director anticipates drought water restrictions soon

How To Be A Better Blogger From Today

A blog is a great way to make your customers and potential customers feel like they know you and can trust you with their business. Here are 5 ways that you can become a better blogger.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

There are multiple dental issues that require orthodontic treatment. With the variety of orthodontic procedures, your orthodontist can suggests the best option for you.

The Tasting Room: Branding or Marketing

Tasting rooms obviously sell wine. But maybe when wineries turn to store front tasting rooms that aggregate multiple wineries under a common roof, the strength of a brand is given up. Further, many of my most appreciated tasting room experiences have been at wineries that are of very humble facilities. Tasting rooms are important in strengthening a winery’s brand identity and building a bond with the visitor, customer and the wine community in total. It is impossible to farm out the protection or building of a brand. In wine, a brand is very personal and marketing is not branding. Marketing will substantiate a brand.

Increase Your Power With Cue Cards

When you are preparing for an important interview, speech, or networking meeting – you could rely on your memory and leave it to chance – OR – you could use simple cue cards to prompt your communication. This technique can add to your confidence and your ability to make the most of opportunities to promote yourself and your business. Read on for some tips on how to do this.

What’s the Secret to Ageing Well?

Getting older is inevitable, but ageing can be rather more optional. Certain things can date us and our approach and mindset can make a huge difference to how well we age. Here are some hints and tips to ageing well.

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