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Why Quality Leaders Know How Best To ORGANIZE

Effective leadership rarely happens, by accident, and/ or chance, but, rather, requires a high degree of consideration, commitment, training, and the ability to prioritize, a willingness, and ability to effectively, relevantly, efficiently, ORGANIZE. Organization is key, to using one’s time, efficiently, and in a directed, well – considered, manner. It generally begins with learning all one can about the group and stakeholders, he serves and represents, listening effectively, being willing to be empathetic, and truly, wanting to make a difference, for the better!

The Bahamas At 45: 5 Lessons We Should All Learn

On July 10, 1973, the Islands of the Bahamas, became an independent nation, while, also, remaining, as a part of the British Commonwealth. The nation began, with limited finances, etc, and little infrastructure. However, it also, fortunately, began with a focus, vision, goals, priorities, and somewhat, visionary leadership.

6 Factors Which Determine How The Real Estate Market Performs

Many, often wonder, why, it is often, so challenging, to understand, predict, etc, many of the variables, involved, when it comes to the real estate market. Why are prices, so high, or low, or a buyers market, or sellers market? Why do some houses, sell, very quickly, while others, remain, unsold, for a seemingly, long period?

Crossing Borders

In our zeal to interpret Scripture we have crossed “borders” seeking a fuller life. We have taken Scripture from its rightful placement and occupied its content with the hope of a spiritual benefit. The result has been disappointment and even discouragement.

What Smart Leaders Should PREFER

You’ve committed to get involved in a position of leadership, and want to become the best leader, you might possibly become! Before anyone is capable of determining, the best course of action, for him to take, or, even, become ready, to know, which strategies and approaches, are best, and most viable, for the specific organization, he must fully examine, what he hopes to accomplish and achieve, and why! This means, a true leader must know his personal preferences, and what quality leaders, should, and must PREFER.

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