Bastrop Co. Sheriff’s Office provides update following deputy shooting

Wake Up, America!: This Isn’t Normal

Whether one agrees, or disagrees, with the politics, perspectives, opinions, point – of – view, or rhetoric, we are witnessing today, there should be, agreement, we’re observing conditions, etc, which, we have not observed, in America, in recent memory! It may be world – conditions, the threat of terrorism, hatred, bigotry, prejudice, or other factors (including greed, and personal/ political agendas, and self – interest), but, there appears to be, little, to no attempt, to seek any common ground, meeting – of – the – minds, or bipartisan efforts! Our present President, often seems, to focus on slogans, and being…

What Does Sleep Deprivation Look Like?

Are you getting enough sleep. What does sleep deprivation look like in children and adults.

4 Thanksgiving Sex Tips for a Happy Penis

Thanksgiving-based sex tips can be employed to make a happy penis on Turkey Day. Skip the football game and indulge in some more personal and enjoyable physical activities.

L-Carnitine and ED Medication: Better Together for Strong Erections

No doubt everyone knows about ED medication and how it helps men stay vital. However, most people don’t know that an amino acid made in the body called L-Carnitine is just as powerful. When the two are paired, real results rise!

The Divine Trial

There is an oft told story whose origins have been lost. There were two people involved, a minister and a former prostitute. The former had a leadership position in a small town, the latter had recently given her life to Christ.

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