Beto O’Rourke criticizes Gov. Abbott regarding Texas foster care system

Are You Using Social Media To Deceive Others?

Over the years, I have written a number of articles that go into the affect that social media is having on the world, and one of the affects that came to my mind again recently was how easy it was for someone to deceive their so-called ‘friends’. This can take place by only uploading certain pictures and by editing the pictures that they do upload.

Does Dandruff Always Go Hand In Hand With Telogen Effluvium?

“As if my horrific hair shedding is not bad enough, now when I look at my clothes to pick off all of the spent hairs, I now notice little flakes sitting on my shoulder. It appears that I now have dandruff and my scalp is itchy. I’ve never had a dandruff issue in my life. Is my dandruff related to my hair loss? Will fixing the dandruff improving the shedding?”

How Popular Is Prefabricated Housing?

Unlike in the world of human interactions, popularity is equated with quality in the world of technology. The AEC industry is firmly supported by the technological advances of our age, and prefabricated housing is becoming increasingly popular. The emergence of prefabricated or modular construction in the housing industry is an affordable and reliable solution to the challenge of quality housing worldwide.

Why Do Husbands Risk Having An Affair And Then Beg Their Wives Not To Leave Them?

“I have always told my husband that I would never, ever tolerate cheating. He seemed to understand this and emphatically said that he would never do that. I believed him. My husband is a man of high integrity. He doesn’t make a habit of lying and being deceitful. He has been a good husband. But he cheated on me with a coworker that I actually know. He knew full well that if I found out, I would probably take our children and move. My husband was very careless as if he wanted to get caught. But when I do confront him about it, he freaks out. He chases me around the house sobbing and saying that he can not handle it if leave him and take the kids. He had to be aware of the risks. I am sick that he did this. Why would an otherwise reasonable person risk everything to have an affair? He actually claims that he didn’t even care all that much about her. He insists she means about next to nothing to him. If this is actually true, why would he risk all of this to cheat with her? I simply don’t understand.”

Five Causes of Decreased Penile Sensation and How to Get It Back

Decreased penile sensitivity can cause a man to feel frustrated, second-guess his virility, and can even lead to depression. This article covers several potential causes of decreased penile sensation and possible treatment options to help get it back.

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