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After Being Married For So Long And For Most Of Our Lives, My Husband Suddenly Doesn’t Want Me

“I have been married to my husband for almost 25 years. You name it and we have been through it together. I will say that the last three years have been particularly challenging. We started a business together and things did not go as planned. My husband has gone a little crazy. He has decided that he needs to take some time off and find himself. He is going to travel extensively. I assumed that I would make at least part of this trip with him, but he told me that he wants to go completely alone and that he wants to evaluate what he wants out of life. He also says that he may decide that he no longer wants our marriage. I am devastated by this and I feel thrown away. He swears that there is no one else, but I feel very betrayed. I have given this man so many years of my life and now he may not want me anymore? I know that this is his life and he gets to make his own decisions, but it’s our marriage. And it makes me feel just awful to be set aside in this way.”

Is It A FACT, Or A Fake – Fact?

We are presently, experiencing, and living through, times, as few of us, ever, recall, observing, before! Rather than, some degree of normalcy, and somewhat, normal behavior, focused, more on the common good, and best interests, not only merely, the popular/ populist ones, we have been witnessing, a political period, where each side, accuses the other, and there is little commitment to truth, facts, or even, the basics of integrity! Political fact – checking organizations, have claimed, our present, President, has, either lied, or materially, misstated, the truth, an average of over, six times, per day, while he, and his supporters,…

What Is the Next Level for the Internet?

Ever wondered how the Internet could be upgraded? What would be required or expected? Look inside to find out.

What Does the Word Sorry Really Mean?

Today was an eventful one in the Australian Federal Parliament. The Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition apologised to survivors of sexual abuse in this country. Targeted by ‘respectable’ men in orphanages, churches, schools, institutions, scouts, camps, their homes, and elsewhere they were innocent children expected to be protected and loved.

Mental Abuse by Religious Institutions in Australia Require a Tribunal to Resolve

With the recent completion of the Tribunal into Child Sexual Abuse by Institutions there is another equally as important – that of psychological and mental abuse suffered at their hands. As a non-Catholic in a Catholic School my experience was one of sheer horror, as it was for many others. Now as a speaker and promoter of religious origins, not only of that organisation, many ex-Catholics and others have confided to me their experiences.

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