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How Do You Promote Your Blog?

If you’re not proud of the content that you’re creating, why would anyone want to read it or share it for you? Be proud of the blog posts that you publish so that you want to share them with everyone, and you’ll be a super successful blogger.

Why It Takes DISCIPLINE To Overcome The Pandemic?

Instead of articulating a changing narrative, accusing his political opponents of a hoax/ fake news, continuing to articulate denials/ doubts, disagreeing with public health experts (for apparent, personal/ political advantage), etc, wouldn’t the health, and well – being of our citizens, be, better – served, if this President, proceeded, with the DISCIPLINE, to address this horrific pandemic, in realistic terms, in well – considered, timely manner! When, the population of the United States, represents, under 5% of the world, and, both, our number of cases, and deaths, exceed, 20%, to – date, it’s very challenging to agree with Donald Trump’s self -…

Vote Like Your Future DEPENDS On It!

Perhaps, more than ever – before, and, certainly, in recent memory, this election might be, one of the most significant, in terms of the future of this nation, and the planet! When, some state, it’s a battle, for the soul of our country, this may be, not merely rhetoric, etc, but, reality! In 2016, about half of those, eligible to vote, didn’t bother, to do, so!

Major Benefits Of Subam Kongu Vellala Gounder Matrimonial Site

Your life partner is a person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life. You will share your joys and sorrows with that person. Therefore, it is important to look for the right person.

Why So Many Have Lost FAITH In Our Political System?

Nearly, every poll/ survey, etc, informs us, a large number of Americans seem to feel, our political system, is, at – best, broken, or, probably, far worse! People have lost FAITH in the system, and our public officials, because, it appears, far too many of these individuals, instead of focusing/ emphasizing, representing and providing quality service, to constituents, and to our nation, we keep recognizing, far too often, their focus, and priority, is their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! How often have we heard, the same promises, sometimes, worded – differently, and nothing, ever done, about addressing the true…

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