Biden grants 1115 waiver Medicaid extension, but Texas’ coverage gap remains

Why We Love Technology and You Should, Too

There are so many upsides of technology and we enjoy their benefits every single moment of the day. That is why we love technology, don’t you? This article emphasizes on the fact. Look inside to find out.

Why We Need Less Bravado, And More Unifying

Often, I am reminded of the sentiments of many songs and poems, which wondered, why we can’t, just, get along! As I have had the privilege of traveling through the Baltic region, these past couple of weeks, it is somewhat amazing, how little our society, appears to have learned from history. Many of the Viking slogans, even, refer to harmony, unity, friendship, etc, as well as the flip – side, of being a hunter and warrior.

Is It Worth Bringing a Claim?

One of the most common questions raised when you consider bringing a claim for compensation is “will it be worth it?” It is commonly known that bringing a claim is a long, laborious and stressful process. It is not something that should be taken on lightly. Even if your legal team do the majority of the heavy lifting for you, you will still need to be involved and you will need to be able to commit to the case. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many people to want to know if the hard work and the potential stress involved will be worth it.

Ready To Give Up Marketing On Facebook?

The changes to Facebook marketing made a lot of online marketers anxious. But the truth is that with more than 2 billion users per month, marketing on Facebook still works if you do it correctly.

The Fun With Camping

Remember camping as a child? Or, maybe you still camp to this day. Finding the right camping equipment is essential.

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