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Nigeria Police: A Breath of Fresh Air?

It was refreshing to hear the comments of the Lagos Police Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu on the excesses of his men in Lagos last week. He was reacting to the brutality of the policemen sent to disrupt the Independence Day protest organized by the Coalition for Revolution (CORE). The RevolutionNow protest which was to hold in major cities of the country was to be a mass action against poor governance in the country. At Ojota, an overzealous policeman left a photojournalist covering the protest bleeding after breaking his head with a baton. CP Odumosu did not hide his displeasure of the incident. He not only condemned the action, but assured the policeman will face disciplinary actions and also promised to pay the bills for treating the battered news man. He called the action of the policeman an irresponsible act. Wow! Just listen to him, “The man that was doing his lawful duty and the police assaulted him, we will take care of it. Once again, apologies for that. But you know me, I don’t tolerate all these things and will never. There is no reason to justify what the police did. What he did was an assault, brutality and incivility”

You Will Get Your Downtime, One Way or Another

What do you do when life kicks the snot out of you? You take some downtime – whether you want it or not.

Heated Towel Rails – Go Ahead, Spoil Yourself

Heated towel rails for small bathrooms are a fantastic idea to add extra warmth and comfort for those that would like to have a more intimate, relaxing experience in their bathroom. There is nothing nicer than surrounding your body with a warm, dry, and soft towel after bathing. This article will…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Central Heating System

Advantages and disadvantages of central heating. Investing in a central advanced energy efficient boiler/ furnace can provide more effective space heating. Control is better/energy use reduced when rooms have individual thermostatic control and all are turned on and off from one location. Gas or renewable energy can be used, and air conditioning can also be included.

Choosing a Perfect CrossFit Backpack

It is essential to understand the benefits of the CrossFit backpack features, check the reviews, and then take the final decision. The first thing you should do when purchasing a CrossFit backpack is to look for breathable and antimicrobial material. The items you store in the bag require air circulation to resist the microbes from growing.

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