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A Healthy Physique Starts With Counting Your Zzzzs

Sleep is more important to our bodies than most people know. In fact, one out of five people suffers from not enough sleep. The short-term and long-term effects are enormous. Not enough sleep effects your ability to think clearly, contributes to weight gain, and delays your reaction time. Here’s why it’s so worth it to sleep well.

Ease Depression With This Natural Health and Healing Alternative

Have we become a society of stressed-out, depressed people that need to be medicated? Or, is there something else going on here? If you’d like to learn about a natural health and healing alternative that will ease your depression without making your feel numb and spacey, then this article is for you.

How to Make Healthy Habits Stick for Busy Professional Women

How is it possible that when you have the best intentions, make the stoutest resolutions, and the firmest convictions that you fail to keep them? Is it because you’re weak and self-sabotaging? No! Even the strongest women have trouble making healthy habits stick. Find out why the best intentions fail and how you, as a busy professional woman, can keep that from happening in the future.

Nannies, Grannies and the Ontario Fire Code

Before closing deals involving basement apartments or duplex, triplex or any other multiple dwellings, Realtors should ensure that purchasers have obtained written confirmation of whether or not apartments are registered, and have been inspected and found to conform to the Fire Code. Realtors can be faced with angry, disappointed purchasers because under the new rules an illegal or non-conforming apartment is easy to detect and easy to shut down – and may be costly for the new owner to renovate, to keep it operating.

Aging Does Not Have to Mean Decreased Quality of Life Thanks to Holistic Medicine

One unavoidable facet of the human condition is the progression of time and the correlating health changes that go along with the passage of time. Those who are aging typically face conditions that weaken the body and reduce the quality of life as the years add up.

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