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A Bevy Of Black Holes In Our Galaxy’s Secretive Heart

Our Milky Way Galaxy has a secretive heart of darkness, enshrouded in mystery, and well-hidden from our sight. Within this strange region, there resides a powerful gravitational beast–a supermassive black hole named Sagittarius A* that weighs millions of times more than our Sun. Although Sagittarius A* has kept its many secrets hidden from the prying eyes of curious astronomers, it is now finally beginning to tell its story–and what a story it is! In May 2018, astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, announced that they have discovered evidence of the existence of thousands of relatively small stellar-mass black holes, performing an exotic ballet near the dark heart of our Galaxy, where Sagittarius A* dwells. Black holes of stellar mass typically weigh-in at between five to 30 times solar-mass, and the newly discovered treasure trove filled with these “smaller” black holes lies within three light-years of where Sagittarius A* reigns in secret, sinister splendor–a bewitching heart of darkness that keeps things to itself.

Unforgettable Grief on a Forgettable Day

Such an expression of grief that came from nowhere. One moment all the ladies were raving about how blessed the church was with so many pregnancies, the next all the attention was on my wife.

Spirituality and Your Business

Your business isn’t just about marketing and income and strategy. It serves a higher purpose. It connects you with others. It serves the impact you want to have, your unique positive contribution to the world.

Classical Fencing: The Medium Guard

In fencing in any period, guard positions are a combination of body position and blade position adopted by a fencer as the basis for offense and defense. In the classical period (1880-1939), some fencers chose to employ a Medium Guard. The Medium Guard represents one of many variations in guard positions found during the history of the classical period. In the hands of a fencer well practiced in its use, it may well have been an effective tool for denying an opponent information about the eventual engagement until the distance closed. However, its vulnerability eventually made the Medium Guard an evolutionary dead end as the speed and mobility of footwork and the ability of opponents to rapidly close the distance increased.

Painting Business Plan – 9 Tips For Creating A Killer Business Plan

The ideal “painters marketing plan” should include these following components. Find out more so you can have a complete plan for optimum painting business profits.

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