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How Do Spot Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities?

There some legitimate business opportunities out there and some bad ones. Above all, pay attention to your gut. If it feels fishy, it probably is.

6 Pros, Cons, And Considerations, Before Reopening Schools

Most would agree, face – to – face, teaching, for most, is, the overall, best way, to teach, and maximize learning! It is not, nearly, as simple, to resolve, as certain proponents, on, either side, of the discussion, appear, to believe, it is! Most public health experts state, the safest approach, is, to reopen, only, in areas, where the local area, is experiencing a low infection rate.

5 Lasting, Economic Ramifications, From Pandemic

Besides, the health – related, ramifications, of this horrific pandemic, the need, for public health reasons, to close, the economy, to preserve, and save lives, etc, has created, a wide variety of other challenges, etc. One of the most serious of those, is the existing, and potential economic ramifications, short – term, intermediate – term, and longer – term. which will be with us, into the future!

Before Voting, Consider Your VIEW Of America!

Today, we seem to be experiencing a period of time, when there is more strife, division, and polarization, as we have witnessed, in recent memory, and, perhaps, the larger amount of indviduals, who seem to be, unwilling, to seek any common ground, in order to secure, a far greater chance at reaching, a meeting – of – the – minds, than, this nation has seen, since our Civil War! No doubt, there are several reasons for this, including, economic, racial/ ethnic, etc, but, much of this, may have been, brought – to – a – head, because of the unusual…

Fried Seaweed Chips

As the human population grows and traditional food sources become more expensive, because of low supply, non-traditional food becomes an option. Some folks will try something new simply because they are curious. Others want to know more information before they are willing to nibble.

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