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How I Earned Money From Writing, Without Writing

One of the easiest ways to make money from writing is to write something once and then repurpose it. This means tweaking it in some way, perhaps to look at the subject in a different way, and publishing it or submitting it somewhere else. This is because it’s easier to work with something you’ve already written than to write from scratch. And the earnings can be phenomenal, as I’m about to show you from my own experience.

Freelance Writing: How to Become Super Successful

Do you want to make money as a freelance writer? Is it even possible to earn a full-time income this way? Well, it must be possible because many writers earn all their income this way. The ‘trick’ is to make sure you’re writing consistently because when it comes to writing, time really is money because the more you can write, the more you can earn. You can’t make money from writing if you don’t write. And it all starts with knowing how to find writing markets. So I’m going to tell you three types of freelance writing you can do, where to find markets, and what to write.

The Art of Selling Wine in the Tasting Room

Some people have an aversion to being exposed to sales people. Selling wine to tasting room visitors is a benefit enjoyed by oenophiles; it is all about garnering information that makes life a little better. Wine is a great deal about emotions and excited senses. People are in a tasting room to be sold during an ah-ha moment.

Possibility Of Praying Without Ceasing

How long do you pray? Do you think that it is difficult to pray without ceasing? Every believing Christian knows that it is very important to pray. The problem is getting to pray and praying all the time. This article tells you how you can pray all the time.

Pleading The Blood Of Jesus For Freedom From Oppression Of The Devil To Enjoy God’s Blessings

Do you feel you are under siege so as to succumb to what is not your portion in Christ; such that no matter what you do it seems as if you will never come out of it? This is the case of many believing Christians. You know the promises of God to you, yet they seem far-fetched. The good news is that there is a solution to this – the blood of the Lamb. This article encourages you to plead the blood of Jesus Christ so as to be free to enjoy your inheritance in Christ Jesus.

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