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ABC’s Of Leadership – W Is For Win

There are some leaders who always want to win no matter what the consequences are to others. They are very competitive and do not take into consideration how their decisions may affect others. Then there are other leaders who only focus on the needs of others and may ignore their own goals completely.

Reflexology – Non Invasive Healing Technique

Reflexology? Have you ever heard of it? How does it work? Can this type of exercise relieve pain giving you a wonderful feeling of relaxation? Are there pressure points you can exercise to give relief from pain?

The Value of Networking Your Brand

Do not leave your networking to chance. Use these tips to expand your personal brand at events, meetings and functions.

3 Reasons You’re Failing Online

There might be a dozen or more reasons why you’re having troubles in your online business, but for my coaching clients, I’ve noticed these three problems coming up time and time again. The good news is, once you know what they are, they’re easy to remedy. 1: Not knowing the right things You don’t have to know everything to succeed online.

Prosthetic Billing Outsourcing: Why It’s Important

Overburdened with the medical billing responsibilities and frequent failure in successful claim denials, healthcare providers are steadily turning to prosthetic billing outsourcing. The dedicated and skilled billers of the outsourced services help to a large extent to boost the revenue with fewer denials and increased accounts receivable collection.

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