Close to 50 reports of tires slashed in Kyle, suspected slasher in custody | FOX 7 Austin

Picnic Party

Having fun at a picnic makes for great memories. Why not turn your next party into a picnic to kick it up a notch?

Frequently Asked Questions About Acid Rain

Learn some interesting and thought-provoking facts about acid rain. Learn what causes acid rain, how it affects the environment, what is being done about it, and much more.

The Passion That Broke Jesus As He Bled Compassion

The betrayal in Gethsemane stands once for all time, the treachery of humanity against a God that devised us. Even of a sense that we may love God, we resist God and even repel God at times. Judas Iscariot lives in each of us; that fearful, greedy, self-obliging spirit.

Why You Need To Check Your Mini-Bar

By receiving great online reviews for your accommodation, you make sure that you attract new guests. Your mini-bar is playing a big role to obtain awesome ratings too.

How A Bike Tour Is More Worth Than 3K In FB Ads

If you want to be one of a kind accommodation in your town, then offer bike tours that are memorable. Find out what you have to do to impress your guests by reading this post and watching the video.

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