Concerns, teacher changes arise as Texas students return to classrooms

How Is Vulnerability Really a Strength?

Men typically believe being vulnerable is a weakness. Nothing could be farther from the truth as it takes strength of character, a willingness to openly communicate, and courage to be vulnerable. This particularly holds true for parents in the realm of divorce. Herein I share the positive impact of learning how to be vulnerable can form the foundation for positive change for the underlying dynamics of divorce and the resulting benefits for your children.

5 Ways To Overcome Loneliness

The current pandemic has created many unwanted consequences. One is the need to isolate, to be distant from friends, relatives and co-workers. As many businesses have shifted to a virtual workforce, most of us have lost the benefit of daily social connections.

East Central Georgia

State Parks, historic towns, vast lakes, history, rolling hills, and beautiful scenery along with good old Southern hospitality and charm is what makes Eastern Georgia a favorite for locals and visitors. Just a short drive North of Commerce in Maysville is Hurricane Shoals Park. A park filled with local history where family and friends can enjoy picnics, swimming and plenty of photo opportunities of this scenic area.

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Searching for a Tattoo Shop

If you are planning to get inked, there are some insights you should keep in mind while searching for a tattoo shop. Finding the best tattoo shops in Miami takes a brief period and some making an inquiry or two. Getting a tattoo is lasting, so we suggest doing your analysis.

Do You Believe in YOU?

What is belief? Is it inborn, or something you can develop?

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