Condos become more popular in Austin as housing prices soar, fewer available

Why You Should Eat These Foods

Fight disease, eat healthy foods. It is surprising how many health problems can be eliminated simply by eating the right foods. For instance, people sensitive to sulfites simply don’t have enough manganese in their body to take care of detoxifying the sulfites. Do you know which foods are high in manganese? There are many other nutrients that help your health found in foods we all should eat.

Omaha Poker: Here’s Where You Get Four Hole Cards Instead of Two

In this poker game you have the luxury of receiving four hole cards instead of the usual two as in Texas Holdem. But beware that four is not always better than two, because you can only use two of the four cards to compete your final five card hand after the community cards are dealt. For example, you may have been dealt two pair, three, or even four of a kind but when the hand is over, you are left with only a pair in the hole. Also, four suited cards would have to be broken up to two.

Hypnotic Mind Over Matter

There are two approaches if you want to resolve your pain. One is chemical and the other is psychological. And yet, in the brain, these two approaches are one. Hypnosis uses several natural mechanisms to remove discomfort and place your attention where you want it.

Security Solutions

If you have read my (numerous!) surety articles online, you may think bonds are the only thing I care about. While this is true, I do have ideas on other subjects and here is one that has me worried: Cyber Security.

Top Tips to Help You Move on From Divorce

After the stress of divorce moving on can seem daunting, especially if there are outstanding legal and financial matters. There is often personal and emotional readjustment to consider too, usually when we’re feeling at our lowest ebb. Let’s reflect on some top tips to help you move on from your divorce:

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