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Ahoy There Matey, It’s a Pirate Party

Got a little one that’s into pirates? What about a pirate party to make their day?

A Future of Digital Currency

Currency refers to electronic currencies stored electronically in banks, and makes up one out of three forms of electronic currency. While paper money is still used globally, up to 80% of the world’s currency is stored through banks electronically. From its infancy, it has grown from an alternative to conducting business to a primary form of e-commerce, and only seems to continue to grow.

VRI Use Case Benefits

VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) is a great service to communicate with deaf consumers. However, there are some instances where it is better to have an American Sign Language interpreter in person. Learn what the best use case is for VRI sign language services in this article.

Flaxseeds V Chia Seeds – Which Are More Nutritious?

Flax seeds or linseeds have been eaten for thousands of years. But how nutritious are they? What is the best way to eat them? And how do they compare with flax seeds?

Learn the Proper Right Bettor Craps Strategy to Roll With 98% Of Craps Table Players! Here’s How

About 98% of craps players always bet with the shooter, hoping that he or she will win the roll, thereby winning their wagers. These are known as Right Bettors. Craps is the only casino table game where the shooter (player who throws the dice) can win or lose for other players at the table besides his or herself. There are many sucker bets on the craps table, hence it’s important to learn the correct betting strategy and avoid the bad bets.

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