COVID-19 causing bus driver shortage in Central Texas school districts

PART III: UNREST: One Race-The Human Race

Putting aside the distracting violence that is ensuing now, competing with the pursuit of a higher calling to end racism in America, we must try to set aside all emotion and stay focused. There is no ‘supreme race.’ In the eyes of God, no one is better than anyone else. Everyone needs to be heard, and be protected from harm, regardless of background, gender, creed, or ethnicity. Everyone.

PART II: UNREST: The Cost of Coddling Anarchists

Up until now, mainstream media has refused to report about the anarchists for reasons unknown to the public. They have instead chosen to enable them by turning their heads. Moreover, because of the neglect and irresponsible decisions of some mayors and governors in some major cities, violent anarchists have been allowed to implement their destructive agendas, hurting and killing innocent many, disrupting the necessary work before us.

PART I: UNREST: Peaceful Protests Gone Awry

Though challenging for many public authorities, it is important for non-violent protesters to be able to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech, so central to our American way of life per the Constitution. For many, peaceful protesting is also about freedom of religion as people of conscience unite for a noble and important cause. With the Christian mandate to: Love one another-especially those who are hurting in any way, it all flows together.

How Eating Paw Paw Seed Can Be Good For You

How to Select and Store Papaya for the Best Quality and Taste because papaya comes from Hawaii or Mexico, chances are good you’ll be able to find this fruit in a grocery store year-round but just because papaya is available 12 months out of the year doesn’t mean that every selection is a perfect one. For the best-tasting papaya, only purchase the fruit when ripe, or hold off eating the fruit until it ripens.

Is Quantum Hypnosis the Real Deal?

Lots of folks say hypnosis creates change through principles of quantum physics. Are they right? And does it even matter?

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