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Overcoming Unethical Communication in Organizations

Unethical communication enhances human worth and dignity by not fostering truthfulness, fairness, responsibility, personal integrity, and respect for self and others. One of the things that run through every class of communication study is how to communicate effectively, but also through ethical manner of communicating.

Overcoming Physical Distractions

What is the meaning of physical distractions? Physical distractions are the bodily things that get in the way of communication Distractions such as background noise, poor lighting, uncomfortable sitting, unhygienic room, or an environment that is too hot or cold can affect people’s morale and concentration, which in turn interfere with effective communication.

Overcoming Inefficient Communication in Organizations

What is an inefficient / ineffective communication? Ineffective communication can create short- and long-term hostilities as well as decreased work productivity. We often don’t think about the process of communicating while we are doing it, but paying closer attention to how you both send and receive information can eliminate problems and improve relationships.

Overcoming Incorrect Choice of Medium in Organizations

A wrong medium or an inappropriate medium chosen for communicating a message will act as a barrier to communication. On a shop floor, you cannot use a long written memo of instructions whereas your information on a new product in the market could be only through an effective and attractive advertisement.

Overcoming Message Competitions in Organizations

Competitive message can be defined as an essential component of an effective marketing strategy that separates your business from your competitors. This advantage over competitors is gained by either providing greater value to customers or by offering greater benefits and services that justify higher prices. Competitive advantage is what keeps your business alive and growing, and it is the reason why the business is alive.

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