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Experiencing the Best of Dubai Without Breaking the Bank

Having an affordability issue while you are planning for Dubai? Think again.

The “Yin and Yang” of Leadership and Social Justice

Yin and Yang are two seemingly opposite forces that complement the other to the point where you cannot have one without the presence of the other. The same can be said with leadership and social justice.

Cloud Computing and Big Data Recipe Is Your Secret to Success

The Big data revolution and cloud computing are in a convergence state and companies are changing the way they think in terms of doing business to incorporate data that will drive their decision-making process. Business models evolve on a continual basis and are presently targeting a system-wide transition based on a data-centric architecture. This architecture will allow data to tbe their primary asset, accompanied by on-demand applications. The data centric architecture will allow for a shared model with considerably less complexity.

New Production Arrangements and Greater Popularization of Science

New arrangements emerging to a new production chain based on applied science. But for that, there is still a need for the greater popularization of the sciences. How much the biosciences profits Loses annually by lack of popularization? Questions like: how much do biosciences lose annually in knowledge, advancement and income because of the lack of popularity? These issues point to the complexity of the production chain that is being aggravated as we move forward in time. An example of the results of the popularization of science is the increase in the action of biohackers and the potential for innovation in this alternative movement. There are already people through DIY Biohackers editing genes through CRISPR and other techniques at alternative sites. Even carrying out high-level research with this popularization of high-level science. We are still in the generation of this movement, with its own methods, concepts and forms of action in a worldwide network, but with actions already well advanced.

6 Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers

Digital marketing alone can offer your interior design business a lot of benefits. It can help you display your work, meet your potential customers, attract new visitors, and get more business leads all at once.

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