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The Beauty of Your Scars

As we go through life, we have experiences which may be painful. Often the experiences leave scars, some of which are unseen but never forgotten. This article gives you a unique and uplifting perspective about your scars… whether they exist inside or out.

The Most Essential KPIs for Scaling Your Email Marketing Authority

If you are managing email marketing campaigns for your company to retain your buyers and promote trades, how do you perceive if the campaigns are beneficial? The only means to acknowledge for certain whether the respective campaign is accomplishing is by mapping the key performance indicators (KPIs).

Criminal Acts and Fate Q and A

We would like to believe that life’s unpleasantness is avoidable, that bad behavior can be prevented, but our long-term findings tell us otherwise. Unique personal adversity, including myriad unavoidable life events and circumstances appear to be part of the predetermined human experience.

It’s Not Good Enough To Say, I’m A Christian ( You Need To Live Like It )

If you really want to improve your spiritual life, this article teaching is just for you! Living like a Christian is not a part of life. It is your life! It’s about being God conscious and Jesus gets brighter and brighter through you, and around you every day. Let me share this with you! I give you my word, it’s a life changer!

How To Use Nature To Inspire You To Live More Positively

Did you know that you can be inspired by nature to make your live more positive? Which lessons have you learned from nature about how to live more positively? Do you appreciate the simplicity of the birds that fly around and seem to always have their food provided for them by nature? You can begin with the lesson of simplicity.

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