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Why Do So Many Decide, Not, To VOTE?

Many Americans, customarily, fail to take advantage of their right to VOTE, which, in a democracy, probably, should be considered, not only as a right, but a privilege, opportunity, and a duty. In fact, in the Presidential election of 2016, as many eligible voters, never cast a ballot, as actually, voted. In fact, twice, in this 21st Century, an individual, who received fewer popular votes, than his opponent, was elected President, because of the Electoral College.

Making The Most of Your Life

Many people struggle with life. They wonder why they are here on this planet. They believe that there is a reason. There has to be a purpose. After all, they are here. Are they just here to exist? Are they here to take up space? Or is there a true, undeniable, unmistakable reason and purpose behind their existence? From the beginning, before there was anything, the Creator of the Universe knew you were coming. You are not an accident, regardless of the circumstances of how you arrived on the earth. He knew – in His foreknowledge – that you were coming, and in His infinite wisdom created the perfect plan and purpose for your life.

Those Who Believe Lies Are Blind and Deaf to Reality by God’s Hand

As frustrating as it is for those who oppose Trump and want to see changes their voices fall on deaf ears. We are directed and guided by the Spirit of the Universe, which is the real God and it is angry. Working to a plan laid out in the prophecies nothing we can do will or can vary it.

Networking Tips: Show Genuine Interest

Take your networking further. Use these practical tips to build strong and effective networks.

Practice! Picture! Pull Off!

We all want to do “it”. What I mean by doing “it” is achieving what we genuinely want in life and existence.

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